The Urban Idea

is a couple of creative studios aiming to improve cities through the promotion of EcoMobility, and produces Barreo®, a strategy game.

EcoMobility Studio

The Urban Idea seeks to raise people's consciousness of cities as places were the majority of humans are living, and to help citizens and decision makers imagine a better future.

The purpose of The Urban Idea is routed in the observation that a key factor of the lack of decisions to improve the state of the world is people's, planners' and decision makers' lack of imagination of a truly better future. 

Barreo Studio

On another note, The Urban Idea has produced Barreo®, a strategy board game. The game challenges the players' strategic thinking and trains their visual perception, esp. stereoscopic vision, imagination, strategic thinking and haptic realization. Barreo® combines beautiful design with a fascinating course of the game.